Ladakh: mountains and lakes, monasteries and festivals!

Accompany us in Ladakh: Admire the high mountain lakes, experience the silence of secluded monasteries - and their roaring mask festivals.



Tsokar lake

Lake Tsokar, which measures approximately 20 kmĀ², is approx. 4,530 m above sea level and 160 km southeast of Leh, in the Rupshu valley. It is located between the Zanskar massif in the southwest and the Ladakh region in the northeast.

Tsokar means something like white lake - because of the salt rock that can be found on the shores of the lake. And accordingly the Tsokar is also called salt lake, because the nomads have extracted salt from it in the past.

The lake is surrounded by large areas of fresh, but salty marshes and wet meadows, which are home to a number of water birds, e.g. the black-necked crane, great crested grebe, the bald goose - and Tibetan wild ass. In addition, the large Tibetan wild sheep and gazelles can be observed here and there.