Welcome to BestLadakh, your specialist for trekking, mountain, cultural and adventure tours in Ladakh!

The company was founded over ten years ago by Mick Tobor, who, whenever possible, goes trekking or mountain biking in the Himalayas. Mick's goal is to offer you the most beautiful and best trips in Ladakh, which he got to know through his own numerous tours.



Our work

The trips themselves vary from very gentle treks with a cultural program and living in luxurious hotels and lodges to cross-country adventures through the most remote areas of Ladakh - by jeep, mountain bike , Helicopter, bus and plane.

All tours are designed to minimize the impact or damage to the environment and traditional culture. It is very important to us to organize responsible and environmentally friendly trips.

Since we specialize in Ladakh alone, we can offer you the best possible service in planning and organizing your Ladakh tour. We have participated in most of the treks ourselves - this enables us to offer you extensive first-hand information. In addition, we have specialized in adapting the tours to a certain degree to your individual wishes and travel dates - so that you can freely decide which combination of adventures you have always wanted to experience ... You only have to tell us your wishes and we'll see what can be done!

Please do not hesitate and ask us anything you would like to know. We look forward to your message!


our philosophy

We all like Ladakh and live and work there whenever possible. For us, Ladakh is one of the last natural places in the world (excluding the capital Leh). And at the latest after you have left Leh, you will feel what we mean. And we don't want to change that ...

For us this means MTB instead of jeep - and shared jeeps, if MTBs are not an option. We support the locals - and sometimes we are even treated as such.

As Europeans we learned a lot about environmental pollution (in a negative and positive sense), so we try to avoid any waste of energy. So do not be shocked if you have to do without the evening hot shower while trekking, MTB, mountaineering! You will certainly understand what we mean - and of course we can talk about it in Ladakh. But I would like to mention some important things for us here:

Personal service

Use this personal service from planning to the end of your trip; Mick has visited almost all locations of our offer himself and will give you expert and friendly advice. We would also like to encourage you once again to send us any question, no matter how simple, and we will send you comprehensive and honest answers. We believe it is very important that you travel with realistic expectations of our service, e.g. that you know exactly what is included in the price of your booking and what extra costs may be incurred so that there are no misunderstandings later.

Small groups

The minimum size of our groups is two participants (don't worry, it won't be more expensive for us if the group is small), the maximum twelve. We prefer the division into small groups because on the one hand this is less of a burden on the environment and on the other hand it enables a more personal approach to the participants.


Safety is our top priority on every tour, both for our customers and for our team. This starts with the planning of the trip by creating a well-thought-out travel plan and discussing it in minute detail with our participants. You will find out exactly what awaits you on each trip, what preparations you make and what equipment you need to bring with you. And of course we monitor the news from the Foreign Office and the News Network around the clock, so that there are no difficulties or dangers during your trip.

All of our guides are well trained and experienced in leading groups through Ladakh and, in the event of an accident, can initiate immediate medical evacuation.

Responsible tourism

We have set ourselves the goal of organizing our tours so that future travelers can still experience Ladakh in the same or even better condition (see also homestay trekking for specials). One of our main criteria when selecting our local partners is their approach and attitude to domestic tourism; this way we are sure that the positive aspects of tourism will be promoted and that the local economy will develop in a sustainable way for culture and the environment.

Quiet and considerate travel is one of the most effective ways to maintain the natural balance of nature that we experience in Ladakh! Such a trip also gives us more opportunities to get in touch with locals and learn about their culture.


Local partners

Whenever possible, we work with local guides, horsemen, cooks and helpers. Only these know the details of local river crossings and invite you to their neighbors along the way. There are also opportunities to spend the night with nomads, to attend morning prayers in the monastery or to attend a wedding.

As you know, you cannot buy the most beautiful things in life - but with our local friends, many of the almost impossible things become possible! We would like to encourage you to speak to us as openly as possible about your wishes. We and our local people, and of course you can trust us and all of our partners on the go and address everything you have on your mind. It is our job to give you a wonderful vacation in Ladakh!


Prices and performance

On this page we give you the general details of your planned trip. In this way you will find out where and how you will sleep, whether and what food you will receive, etc. You will also find out what essential services you can basically expect from us! And certainly not uninteresting: something at our prices!

Ladakh is certainly not a country for package tourism of the kind arrival, 10 days mountain view, departure. On the contrary: the adventurers who get lost in this corner of the world are mostly individualists, each with their own ideas and aspirations. Accordingly, we do not offer package tours with a fixed date, fixed route, fixed price.

So browse through our offer without any worries, agree on combinations, feasibility, dates, feeder flights with us - and then request our offer with up-to-date flight prices and exchange rates , Fees of all kinds. We will send you our offer immediately - afterwards you can decide.

The whole procedure is usually carried out by form and mouse click. We hope that this process will not seem too cumbersome to you. Especially since on the other hand you can really put together your trip individually. And we still want to promise you that our offer will appear very cheap to you, because we work directly and exclusively with the locals.

Our services in general:

  • Travel guide from your arrival to departure, by a usually English-speaking guide
  • Selected hotels, guest houses, houseboats, campsites
  • All transfers between airports and accommodation
  • Domestic flights
  • Local contact person
  • All permits for trekking, white water, jeep safaris and mountaineering (please don't forget passport photos)
  • Tickets and usually an English-speaking guide for visits
  • A joint Tibetan dinner at the beginning and / or at the end of your trip
  • Any helpfulness before, during and after your trip
  • Our services on the go:

    • Transfer from your accommodation to the start of the trek - and back from the end of the trek
    • All camping equipment, including lying mats - so at best you only need to arrive with a toothbrush
    • Good and experienced cooks who take individual wishes into account (e.g. vegetarian)
    • Experienced local guides who know where to cross rivers even when it rains
    • Not overloaded ponies, ponies
    • Transporting your luggage
    • Variable daily stages based on your condition
    • mountain equipment such as crampons, ice axes, etc. by arrangement
    • If you want to summarize: We take care of everything to make your vacation in Ladakh as pleasant as possible for you. You can still support us by telling us how you e.g. want to live, and whether you'd rather eat apple or carrot cake for a welcome breakfast. The German Bakery in Leh bakes excellent ...


      As noted above, simply choose the one that suits you best from our range and send us your requests by email. We discuss your wishes and plans with our local partners, set the current prices and then send you our detailed offer - without obligation for you, of course. We look forward to your inquiry!