Ladakh means mountains!

Without technology on a six-thousand meter peak? With a lot of technology on a seven thousand meter? Or anything in between? Come to Ladakh!


stok kangri

Stok Kangri

Haven't you always wanted a six-thousand meter peak? Then you should shortlist the Stok Kangri! This ample six-thousand-meter peak is very easy to reach from Leh - and the summit storm will not cause any problems for a somewhat trained trekker. On top of that, we offer two different tours that really get everyone up!

Before we write down these two options in detail, a few words about the mountain itself: The Stok Kangri is part of the Zanskar massif, which is located south of Leh , It is popular with mountaineers and trekkers alike - both tourists and locals. The international level of difficulty of the Stok Kangri is awarded 1a, i.e. it couldn't be easier. On the other hand, you will hardly find a mountain that offers you a more beautiful view on the ridge and summit! In fact, there is a clear view in all directions - with a little bit of luck up to the Karakorum with K2!

In summary: Assuming physical fitness and sufficient acclimatization, you can climb a six-thousand-meter peak in four or five days from Leh. All you need is a little adventurousness - our tents, cook, horses, guides and all the necessary equipment will bring you up and down safely!

base camp

Stok Kangri in 4 days

We will note the ascent in four days:

Day 01: Leh - Stok - Mancarmo (Jeep + Warmup)

Our jeep picks you up after breakfast in the hotel or guest house - and takes you to the starting point in the village of Stok. Your luggage and all equipment is loaded onto horses here. You will surely want to take pictures - and have to apply sunscreen. Pay special attention to your lips so that they do not snap together on the first day! Then the guide slowly leads you into the wilderness, but no difficulties are really to be expected.

After about two hours you can pause in a shady tent as needed - and snack on your first packed lunch that you received in Stok. Let the horses, the horseman and the helpers move on in peace. Give them a head start so that hot coffee or tea is waiting for you when you reach Mancarmo! You will complete this last day's stage in no more than two hours with no real effort.

Enjoy the afternoon and evening in the now real Himalayas! Admire some of the wild animals that have become quite rare, refresh yourself in the nearby glacier water (not a must) - and look forward to dinner with soups, local delicacies, candlelit desserts!

Day 02: Mancarmo - Base Camp (5,050 m)

Hopefully you won't wake up with sore muscles - and you shouldn't have to complain about a headache! As a rule, our participants enjoy a rich breakfast in the open air, while the helpers dismantle tents and load the horses. There is enough time for coffee, tea, muesli, fruit and certainly for another hundred photos of the impressive nature around you.

This second day will not really challenge you either: It is steadily uphill, but only a little steeper for a short time. Be sure to have your camera ready as there is a lot to take! And try not to make an effort! The stage is really not long, save your oxygen reserves! Today it goes to 5,050 m - and you should really get there squeaky happy!

In the base camp itself our crew awaits you with coffee and cake! And you will have enough time to chat with other summiteers. Depending on the season, there are a few more trekkers in Base Camp who may already have been up there! You can recognize them by tired but happy faces - the way you will look yourself soon.



Day 03: Base Camp - Summit - Base Camp

Today is the day: you will climb the Stok Kangri and enjoy one of the really great views in the Himalayas! Before that, however, you have to make a little effort.

It is best to get up at midnight, enjoy tea, coffee, muesli and look forward to the climb! This starts with a lot of effort, because it goes steeply uphill - then moderately to the Advances Base Camp. And continue gently: you walk over the glacier tongue for about an hour, being sure to follow the guide! Gargling under the blue ice means collapse! After crossing the glacier it gets steeper: You now have to climb a steep 500 meters until you reach the crest of the Stok Kangri!

Before you look down on the other side, hold on somewhere! I think there are few people who have ever enjoyed such a view. Accordingly, you will certainly be out of breath anyway. Treat yourself to a little rest after the steep section behind you - and be happy that you are almost there!

With a clear view you can already see the Prayer flags of the summit, which will motivate you again. And then just get it over with: there are still around 200 vertical meters to the summit! And even if the path becomes a little narrower, you can usually walk upright. You only have to climb the last 20 meters of altitude, so to speak - and then it's done!

Enjoy an incomparable view of countless mountains and massifs! Sit in the snow field and look forward to the Prayer flags, whose prayers are carried up to the sky by the wind! Or just indulge in one of the happiest moments of your life! In any case, you shouldn't forget any of this, even if it comes down again sometime!

Day 04: Base Camp - Mancarmo - Stok - Leh

Today's stage will bring you back from the base camp to Leh! You will be on the way for quite a long time, but it will always go downhill, and once you have overcome your sore muscles, you should just be able to enjoy this way home!

The 5-day variant

A small final remark: Many trekkers acclimatize a day in the base camp - we can also arrange this for you!