Find out everything about our service and how to book!

Here we explain the simple steps of your booking - and what service you can expect from us in terms of accommodation, meals, transport and more.



Your booking

You send us a non-binding request . Use the corresponding form or communicate informally with us by email. We check your wishes and calculate the price based on the date, the number of participants, the current exchange rate, etc.). You will then receive a detailed offer from us, along with a suitable booking form.

Fill out this Booking form with the required data (e.g. all passengers' names for flights) and send it back to us , For difficult tours, we will also send you a short questionnaire, which you should also fill out for your own safety and send back to us. As soon as we have received your booking form, we will send you a deposit invoice for 10% of the invoice amount, which you should transfer to one of the accounts mentioned. After receipt of the amount, we order your room, your jeep, your ponies - in short everything that is necessary to carry out your trip.

The final invoice will be sent to you 6 weeks before departure and should be paid within 10 days. Please keep this appointment in order to avoid queries.

If you have any questions regarding the booking process, please write to us! We will answer you immediately - but there should be no doubts on your part.

Another note: We would like to recommend that you book as early as possible! On the one hand, this makes it easier for us to plan and organize your trip - and you also have more time to prepare for your adventure! You don't make a trip to the Himalayas every day.


Change or delete booking

Change booking

Of course, circumstances may arise during your trip that make a change in the further course appear desirable. So you can e.g. want to stay longer if the weather is too good, or want to spend a few extra days here and there and shorten other stages. We support your new travel plans in any case, but we have to charge extra for these changes.

We cannot simply rebook your previously booked accommodations in a guest house or hotel, especially in high season, because the resulting gaps cannot be filled easily. Accordingly, it would be very difficult to get the reservations that are no longer needed.

It would be similarly impossible, e.g. to get the saved days replaced with shortened trekking. Horsemen, horses, guides, cooks and helpers are firmly planned long in advance and obviously cannot accompany another trek quickly for a day or two saved.

On the other hand, we have to charge you for all new services. So if you save two days on trekking, you have to calculate extra with two days of accommodation, and also with the calculation of additional services, e.g. Whitewater, MTB, or whatever you do in the two days you won.

We hope that you will share our attitude - regardless of this, we will always make sure that we find the best possible solution for you.

Delete booking

Of course, something unpleasant can happen to you between booking and starting the trip, which makes the trip to Ladakh impossible for you. In such a case, please contact us as early as possible and describe your problem.

We will always reimburse you the statutory percentages (see table below); the maximum fees depend on the type and duration of your trip. You can rest assured that we will not only comply with the legal guidelines, but will also keep your burden as low as possible. Regardless of this, please consider taking out travel cancellation insurance.

Cancellation Fees in% of the travel price
earlier than 29 days before departure 10%
from 29 days to 20 days before trip starts 25%
from 19 days to 10 days before trip starts 50%
from 9 days to 4 days before trip starts 65%
three days and later before trip starts 85%


Our service

As soon as you get off the plane in Ladakh or have arrived by bus, we are there for you - until your departure and beyond. We would like to briefly describe what you can expect in detail.


The hotels and guest houses we booked were selected for their quality, comfort, character and location. If you have special requests or do not want some things, please write to us in advance. Our presence on site means that we are certainly able to take your ideas into account.

In any case, you will spend the night in properly managed, clean and comfortable hotels or guest houses. In Leh you can choose whether you want to live centrally or a bit north in the green (Leh-Park) - walk from Leh-Park to the center about 10 minutes.

Although not standard in India, use your own bathroom and toilet - both in the hotels and in the guest houses.

However, not every room has hot shower water at all times; if necessary, please take a shower from a bucket! Tap-like cold water is always available!

On the way you use really spacious and naturally clean two-man tents (more like three-man tents) that are set up, dismantled, packed, stowed and transported for you. You can just take care of nature and yourself! However, our shower trolley does not travel on every trek, so you can enjoy the refreshing coolness of the melt water. Even our toilet car cannot accompany every trek ...


If you live in hotels or guest houses, breakfast and dinner are included in the service and price. You can choose from at least one Indian, one Tibetan and one western menu.

We are happy to recommend local specialties for lunch - you definitely have to try Tibetan momos in Leh!

The food available during our tours is inevitably easier, but still very tasty. It's a mix of Indian and Western food, and there's always plenty! So that the palate is not neglected, there is something different every day - if you are not allowed to eat certain things, this will be taken into account.


Further service

Of course we would be happy to help you plan and organize your trip. Please read the following lines to find out what we can do in detail.


We bought our own equipment in the States and in Europe, a few friendly clients brought it to us in Ladakh, and if you still have some luggage free , please let us know!

What you should know: Ask your tour operator, whoever it may be, about their equipment. We offer at least Salewa tents for standard outdoors and Northface VE25 for cooler heights!

We also provide Therm-a-rest mats (type: base camp large). And to be on the safe side, it should finally be noted that all the articles mentioned are original. So you don't take any risks with us - at least not when it comes to equipment!

Pickups and transfers

In general, we take care of you from your arrival in Leh to your departure, usually also from Delhi. So we pick you up at the airport (with your easy-to-read name badge), take you to your guest house or hotel and all other stops on your trip.

Of course we keep an eye on arrival and departure times, take care of you in case of delays etc. So don't worry that you will be alone somewhere somewhen.

The same principle applies to your booked activities: We pick you up in your guest house or hotel and bring you on time, e.g. to the trekking starting point. And of course you will be picked up after the trek and taken to your accommodation.

We will discuss the respective dates with you mostly after your arrival in Ladakh, now and then even before the start of your trip by email.

Let's summarize it: We take care of you from the time of your arrival to your departure - and you know every second how it is when and where goes on.


Before you take out any insurance for your Ladakh trip, please read the following information.

Leh is located at an altitude of around 3,500 m above sea level - and that is already too high for many standard insurances! These stop taking any risks and side effects at around 3,000 m at the latest. Read according to their fine print, or let them guarantee you in writing that the targeted insurance is really insuring.

You get a similar problem if you take out special trekking or mountaineering insurance. European insurance companies are based on the Alps, and where they stop, the opportunities begin in Ladakh. Even the simple trekking peak Stok Kangri surpasses the 6,000 mark. But even normal trekking takes you to over 5,000 m, where almost all standard insurance policies no longer work. You have to take out insurance according to your insurance policy.

Flights to and from Ladakh are now a minor problem. In the past, only the most daring pilots could take off and land - and only in the best weather. In the meantime, airplanes have become more modern, offer electronic navigation aids and more. Should say, flight delays in the high season hardly occur. If you do not want to take out corresponding insurance, you may plan a day of sightseeing Delhi or Agra at the end of your trip. In winter, however, flights to and from Leh can very well be delayed by a few days - insurance is advisable.

A final risk arises in the off-season if you fly to or from smaller airports. Indian airlines are not squeamish when it comes to canceling flights due to underbooking. Accordingly, do not plan your trip too tightly, so that if necessary you will still be on time, e.g. Jeep from Dharamsala to Delhi - or take out insurance.

Then nothing should go wrong now!