Ladakh means spirituality!

Combine your Ladakh trip with a Dalai Lama Teaching! Or wean yourself off your smartphone etc. with a short or even long Vipassana meditation!


dalai lama

Dalai Lama Teaching

At the Dalai Lama Teachings you get the opportunity to see H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama, the head of the Tibetans, up close and to get to know him in his uniqueness. You will also have the opportunity to gain insights into the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism.

The teachings, which are not only held every year in the Main Temple in McLeod Ganj, are an experience in themselves. Hundreds of people from all over the world meet here, mostly Tibetans, but also Americans, Germans, Spaniards, Israelis, Indians, Australians, Sweden ... - they all create a unique atmosphere.

The teachings take different lengths and deal with different topics - and everyone is welcome in the colorfully decorated Main Temple! And although the teachings of the Dalai Lama (generally different contents of Tibetan Buddhism) are certainly demanding, the atmosphere is not at all university! In between there is singing, laughing and reciting, drinking tea together and having the opportunity to meet a wide range of interesting people. Everyone can come and go as they please, but you should be considerate of the Tibetans!

For them, the teachings are extremely important and an experience that they are waiting for all year round, similar to when the Pope comes to Germany. Some cry with emotion when the Dalai Lama appears on stage in the morning! So please be considerate and do not cause unnecessary interference.

Sitting on the floor during the teachings, it is common for everyone to bring their own pillow and thus occupy the place on the first day will sit for the duration of the teachings. In this way, daily arguments about the best seats can be avoided.

Maybe you contact us to arrange possible dates?


Vipassana meditation

The Vipassana is a specific meditation technique rediscovered by the Buddha personally 2500 years ago, which is supposed to lead us to see things as they really are. The former 7-week, now 10-day retreats are offered in numerous Vipassana centers worldwide and follow the same basic principles. In particular, according to tradition, the courses are free, the student pays neither for lessons, nor for food or accommodation.

During these 10 days, the student gradually learns the theory and practice of Vipassana - he goes deep into the levels of his own consciousness, learns to solve old blockages and to find more serenity and mindfulness in life. Silence is important during these 10 days! In order to ensure a really deep meditation for everyone, no one should speak. The abstinence from all kinds of stimulants is also mandatory, there is no coffee, no alcohol and no cigarettes, but meditation takes about 10 hours a day.

However, the success is remarkable: the individual comes to rest completely during meditation and finally has time to deal with their own emotions and thoughts in detail. Many who have experienced Vipassana clearly saw their future life ahead, had learned what wrong behavior patterns led to perpetual painful experiences, and also how they could face upcoming problems with more serenity and confidence.

We can offer you the Vipassana meditation in Ladakh or Dharamsala, but in Ladakh only during the months of June-September. Please contact us - we will answer you immediately.