Ladakh means mountains!

Without technology on a six-thousand meter peak? With a lot of technology on a seven thousand meter? Or anything in between? Come to Ladakh!



Lungser - Tsomoriri lake

The Lungser (6,666 m) is named after the small river of the same name that flows into Lake Tsomoriri. It is the highest peak in Ladakh, at the same time not too hard to climb.

You need basic technology and a few formalities to survive with the IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation), and we will help you as much as possible. But then nothing stands in the way of a double breathtaking view. You look far into China, at the same time the Tsomoriri lake shimmers in green and blue far below you.

We recommend that you spend a few days before the planned ascent in Korzog and the surrounding area. Korzog is a small village on Lake Tsomoriri, and nomads live in the area. Surely there is a chance to marvel at their lives a little. Every time I visit, I am more than fascinated by the nomad children. And I am sure that you will never forget such an adventure!