Ladakh means mountains!

Without technology on a six-thousand meter peak? With a lot of technology on a seven thousand meter? Or anything in between? Come to Ladakh!


nun & kun

Nun & Kun (7.135 m, 7.077 m)

After the many six-thousanders of the previous menus, we invite you to conclude in the world of the seven-thousanders: Nun and Kun are waiting for you!

Similar to the Stok Kangri, your jeep will drive close to the base camp, which you can then easily reach on foot in one day. But immediately above the base camp it gets technical: A rather steep ice wall is the first real challenge.

Maybe you'd better go again while carrying the equipment, etc. for the high camps to HC 1. In case you don't prefer to get help from high altitude porters anyway.

You will probably approach the summit via three high camps - and then come back from it tired but hopefully healthy. We will do what we can to support you!

By default, Porter carry all equipment down to the BC after the expedition. Cook and helper will stay in BC throughout the expedition. We are flexible in terms of support above the BC - anything is possible from no support to the palanquin to the summit.

In BC you sleep in our Salewa tents, type Sierra Leone III, and on our Therm-a-Rest mats, type Base Camp large. From June to September you are well supplied with it. For higher and therefore colder regions above the BC we provide our Northface VE25, recommended for the HC 1. For everyone who knows India, our equipment comes from the States or from Germany.


IMF and LO

After all the good news, now some less good ones. Unfortunately, Nun and Kun are not trekking peaks, so they are subject to approval by the IMF (Indian Mountaineering Foundation) - and are therefore subject to fees. So you have to expect an extra few hundred dollars!

Unfortunately that's not enough: The IMF will provide you with a so-called liaison officer (LO) who should support you in particular in emergencies. I should write because there are LOs that get out of there as soon as possible once you leave the BC. On the one hand, this is good for you because it allows you to tackle your summit undisturbed. But in an emergency, the lack of contact can cost your life!

For the LO, an additional US $ 500 is to be paid as equipment rental fee - also a small note: Every half-equipped trekking agency in Leh provides the LO with the required equipment at significantly better conditions. The US $ 500 are to be paid in any case! And we go one step further: You also finance the LO's mountain vacation - from Delhi to Delhi. Will say, both the arrival and departure costs of the LO, as well as accommodation, meals, etc. are to be borne by you.

The last harassment, as is common not only with the Indian authorities, is to fill out plenty of forms. We have all the forms on our computers, in addition to the required route maps and planned schedules - so you only have to enter a few personal details.

Obviously, the entire approval procedure takes time: calculate at least three months in advance, more is ok, less can become scarce. And all the harassment has something good: you will most likely be alone on the mountain! So if you are not afraid of the costs, I can promise you a top-class adventure!