Ladakh means mountains!

Without technology on a six-thousand meter peak? With a lot of technology on a seven thousand meter? Or anything in between? Come to Ladakh!


mentok kangri

Mentok Kangri - Tsomoriri lake

The Mentok Kangri is an easily accessible 6,000+ peak, comparable to the Stok Kangri. And the best way to climb the summit is when you visit Lake Tsomoriri. Because the Mentok Kangri Group is right there.

The Mentok group consists of three peaks (as you suspect Mentok I, II, III), the Mentok II is considered the easiest of the three. As soon as you are sufficiently acclimatized, two days are enough to ascend and descend from Korzog (at Lake Tsomoriri) - with an overnight stay in the Mentok II Base Camp.

We recommend that you visit Lake Tsomoriri for a few days, alternatively you will trek from Rumtse to Tsomoriri. This would ensure that you are sufficiently acclimatized. Then climb up the summit with a guide / cook and return to Korzog. But beware of jumping into the refreshing-looking water of the blue-green Tsomoriri Lake - it is tapping cold even in midsummer.

Of course you can combine your trip with a few days sightseeing in the nomadic area at Tsomoriri. Or cycle a little to warm up to a good 5,000 m altitude! There are really many options!