Ladakh: mountains and lakes, monasteries and festivals!

Accompany us in Ladakh: Admire the high mountain lakes, experience the silence of secluded monasteries - and their roaring mask festivals.



Monastery festivals

In Ladakh, occasions such as births, deaths, the harvest, a commemoration for a deceased lama or the founding of a monastery, and above all the New Year celebration (Losar) used to celebrate big fstivals. There is a lot of singing and dancing and many old stories are told that are part of the cultural heritage of the Ladakhis.

Most festivals take place in winter, but there are also a few in summer. And overall, the festivals organized by the monasteries are the most exciting and fascinating of all! With the appearances of the monks in brightly colored silk robes and the most diverse expressive masks ...

The Hemis Festival is one of the most famous monastic festivals. It takes place in memory of the great saint Padmasambhava, the founder of Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. The sacred dances - which tell the dramatic story of his life and mission - are represented by masked monks dressed in valuable brocade robes.

In the year of the monkey (every 12th year, most recently in 2016) there is a special event - here in the Hemis monastery. In addition to other valuable pieces, there will also be a large thangka by Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) on display in the courtyard.


Festival calendar

The following festival dates vary from year to year as they depend on the Tibetan lunar calendar. We have listed the dates for 2020 for you here:

  • Spituk Gustor in Spituk: 22.-23. January 2020
  • Leh & Likir Dosmochey in Leh and Likir: 21.-22. February 2020
  • Yargon Tungshak in Nubra: 27.-28. February 2020
  • Stok Guru Tsechu in Stok: 3.-4. March 2020
  • Matho Nagrang in Matho: 8.-9. March 2020
  • Saka Dawa all over Ladakh: 5. June 2020
  • Yuru Kabgyat in Lamayuru: 18.-19. June 2020
  • Silk Route Festival in Nubra: 23.-24. June 2020
  • Hemis Tsechu in Hemis: 30. Juni-01. July 2020
  • Shachukul Gustor in Shachukul: 7.-8. July 2020
  • Stongde Gustor in Zanskar: 8.-9. July 2020
  • Ladakh Polo Festival in Chushot: 11.-17. July 2020
  • Karsha Gustor in Zanskar: 18.-19. July 2020
  • Phyang Tsedup in Phyang: 18.-19. July 2020
  • Korzok Gustor (Tsomoriri): 23.-24. July 2020
  • Thakthok Tsechu in Sakti: 29.-30. July 2020
  • Sani Nasjal in Zanskar: 2.-3. August 2020
  • Deskit Gustor in Nubra: 14.-15. October 2020
  • Thikse Gustor in Thikse: 3.-4. November 2020
  • Chemde Wangchok in Chemde: 13.-14. November 2020
  • Galdan Namchot iall over Ladakh: 10. December 2020
  • Ladakhi Losar (New Year) all over Ladakh: 15. December 2020