Ladakh: mountains and lakes, monasteries and festivals!

Accompany us in Ladakh: Admire the high mountain lakes, experience the silence of secluded monasteries - and their roaring mask festivals.



Pangong lake

Pangong Lake is located at an altitude of 4218m and is the largest of the Changthang Lakes. The lake covers an area of ​​approximately 700 km². It lies about 160 km east of Leh, and only about 175 km² still belong to India, the rest to China.

Lake Pangong is a self-contained pool, so the water is not too fresh (please don't try it!).

If you look north, you can see the mountain range of Changchenmo and Pangong, in the south you can just see the last foothills of the Ladakh Mountains.

Due to the condition of the water there is no maritime life, the view of the lake is nevertheless fantastic! An endless blue surface, which is only made restless by the numerous migratory birds. Among them are seagulls, common ducks and now and then wild ducks, which mostly nest between small inlets of the lake.