Nomadic Festival

Tsomoriri Lake, Tsokar Lake, Tazang Tso (3. - 8. July)

Every year the Nomads of Ladakh celebrate the birthday of H.H. Dalai Lama. This festival takes part at a little almost unknown little lake close to Tsomoriri Lake. We would like to invite you, to celebrate the next birthday of H.H. together with the nomads and us. It's a wonderul opportunity to get to know nomadic life - while talking with them, while buying seldom stones, while eating and drinking, while horse races, or even when staying in their tents.

Tsomoriri Lake
Wild Donkeys
Nomad Woman
Paradies Lake

But before you'll visit the festival you'll see one of the most beautiful lakes worldwide: Tsomoriri Lake. Two nights in comfortable tents, relaxing at the bonfire, walking along the lake or just sleeping in flower meadows at about 4,500 m. If you're lucky you'll watch some of the rare birds or eagles, if you want you can ride some hours - or simply become sunburned, very easy within a few minutes.

Tsomoriri Lake
Tsomoriri Lake
Tsomoriri Lake

After two nights at the Tsomoriri Lake we'll move to the festival. Cause it's not too far away, you can choose to trek, to ride or to take the jeep to the beautiful festival lake. You'll stay there two days and two nights. So there's time enough to watch some of the protected birds of Ladakh, milk sheeps and goats early morning, or even ride some hours over green hills in about 4,500 m above sea level. and after dinner there's time for wild romantic at our bonfire.

Children welcome
Before the Race
Opening Ceremony

When the festival's finished, we'll move for one night to the Tsokar Lake. After lunch here you'll walk to the lake and watch rare birds and wild donkeys (kyangs). We also recommend to visit the monastery with it's secret caves. The last night of your adventure you'll stay as usual in comfortable tents - after your bonfire.

Idyllic Lake
Hungry Goats
Nomad Tent

You'll enjoy your breakfast within this incredible landscape - later we'll start our way back to Leh. Although you're quite acclimatized take care when you'll leave the jeep on Taglangla pass. It's the second highest pass worldwide, and oxygene in 5,340 m is hard to be found. So walk slowly, breath deeply...

On the Way
Tsokar Lake
Black Nacked Crane
Tanglangla 5,340 m


Behind the pass the road's leading downwards steadily, while getting better also ( less than 3 big holes per 10 m). soon we'll reach the Indus valley, and about two hours later you'll be back in "civilization". But we're sure you'll never forget your nomadic adventure - and of course you're invited to celebrate H.H.'s birthday together with the Nomads and us next year also...

Btw. here's a little video in case you're still not sure - and your Inquiry.