The hotels and guest-houses that we use are selected by us for their quality, comfort, character and their location.  If there is anything in particular you would like (or want to avoid) in terms of accommodation, do please let us know as soon as possible.  Because we are on the spot in Ladakh, we should be in a position to make a special arrangement for you.  In any case, you will be accommodated in well-run, clean and comfortable hotels or guest-houses. 

You can also decide whether you want to stay in the centre of Leh or in the green and leafy northern outskirts of Leh-Park – the walking distance to the centre is only ten minutes. 

Although it is not necessarily standard in India, we have chosen accommodation with en suite bathroom and WC – that applies to hotels and guest houses. 

Having said that, the existance of a shower is no guarantee of hot water – you should please reckon with the possibiluty of washing with a bucket of hot water! Anyway, a refreshing blast of cold water is never too far away ;-)

On the trek, you will be sleeping in roomy and, of course, clean two-man tents (more like three-man tents really), which will be erected, dismantled, packed, stored and transported for you every day.  You really will only have to look after yourself and enjoy the natural surroundings! You should be aware, however, that our shower-vehicle does not go with us on every trip, so that you may have to resort to the refreshing coolness of the melt-water streams.  Same goes for the toilets…

There is an unusual accommodation possibiluity on the route from Manali to Leh.  There are some very large tents on the way there that are available to commuters. 

The front part of these tents is for cooking, eating,drinking and the exchange of travellers’ tales.  The sleeping quarters are separated by a thick curtain, and are decked out with thick bedding. 

We think that it makes an interesting experience to sleep here, amongst a mixture of truckers, other travellers and of course the cooking staff.  If all of that seems a bit too much for you, we can easily arrange a private tent for you, without any increase in the price. 


While staying in hotels or guest-houses, breakfast and evening meals will be provided.  You will always have the option of choosing from Indian, Tibetan/Ladakhi or western menus. 

We will happily recommend places to eat during the day – whatever you do, you have to try out the Tibetan “Momos” when you are in Leh!

T he food that will be provided to you during the tours will necessarily be simpler, but none the less very tasty.  It will be a hybrid of western and indian dishes, and there is always plenty there. 

And to get you from meal to meal, there will be various interesting snacks every day – and you can choose what you prefer.

Basically, you will want for nothing:  Breakfast usually consists of fresh bread and jam, muelsi, omlette, and fresh fruit.  Cooked meals are mostly vegetarian and consist of rice, pasta and/or potatoes and Indian sauces.  These are rounded off with dried fruit, nuts, eggs and fruit juices.  And, again, you can let us know if you have any special requests, which will be accommodated without any extra cost. 

Important information

Please be aware of the following before your trip: India is India – which is a far cry from Europe, South Korea, Japan or the USA.  Clocks are even more redundant than in Bavaria, and fundamentally different rules apply in the cultural, public and private spheres.  In fact, it sometimes seems to me that no rules at all apply. 

So for heaven’s sake don’t have a fit, if your bus is late – you should be more surprised if it turns up on time!   Do not expect perfect service anywhere – but you can depend on helpful, friendly and sometimes frankly curious folk.  They smile, if the electricity goes off for an hour, or of a flight can’t take off or land due to weather conditions.  India is different, but that is propbably why you want to go there…

For Ladakh, you should also be aware that we cannot guarantee that the weather will not interfere with tours that involve trekking, mountain-climbing or travel over high passes.  The health of fellow-travellers can also necessitate last-minute changes on occasion.  Having said that, we will do everything in our power to make the planned trip a reality.  In the end, your safety will be the deciding factor in deciding what can go ahead and what can’t!  And in the very unlikely event that you cannot continue with your trip as planned, we will do everything we can to organise an excellent alternative for you.