Mountaineering Overview

Ladakh is variously known as ‘the land of many passes and mystic lamas’, ‘broken moon’, ‘little Tibet’ and even ‘the last Shangri-La’ – and no wonder… The region is bounded by two of the world's mightiest mountain ranges, the Great Himalaya and the Karakoram and it lies athwart two others, the Ladakh range and the Zanskar range.

Amongst the highest of the world's inhabited plateaus, Ladakh lies at altitudes ranging from about 2,750 m at Kargil to 7,672 m at Saser Kangri in the Karakoram. Its mountain ranges are strikingly parallel, stretching through the region from southeast to north-west. It has an area of about 97,000 km2, of which only about a half percent is inhabitable, and a population of approximately 200,000.

What i want to say: There are many mountains! Stok Kangri is the most famous mountain around (just beside Leh) - Nun & Kun are the most challenging ones. In between you find almost all options.

For me it was very thrilling to reach a 6,000 m peak within 4 days (Stok Kangri). Of course i was well acclimatized and mentally prepared (the stok kangri is vivible from my balcony). In case you want to start planning please bear 2 or better 3 days for acclimatization in mind and embed a spare day, too. This way every mountain adventure in Ladakh takes 8 days and more - not too much for such an experience.

Now check your abilities and contact us for further information - we're looking forward to your email.