Booking Step by Step

We would like to begin by recommending that you book your trip as early as possible! By doing so, you will help us to plan and organise your trip as well as possible - and you will also have more time to plan your adventure. A trip to the Himalays is no mean undertaking, after all!

Having said all that, we will now guide you through the various steps that will take you, with us, to Ladakh.

  1. The first step's usually our communication by email without a form or inquiry form. We will examine your wishes and calculate a price with reference to the dates, the number of participants, current rates of exchange, etc. Finally, you will receive a detailed quote from us, along with a booking form.
  2. Fill out the booking form with all the necessary information (eg, where flights are to be booked, the names of all passengers), and send it back to us. For difficult tours, we will send you an additional questionnaire, which we ask you to fill and return foro your own safety and comfort.
  3. As soon as we receive your booking form, we will send you an invoice for a desposit of 10% of the overall cost, and we ask that you transfer this to our account. When we have received your deposit, we will beging the process of booking rooms, jeeps, ponys, and anything else that will be required for the trip.
  4. The final invoice will arrive six weeks before your departure, and should be paid no later than four weeks prior to departure. Please respect this deadline, to avoid dissapointment.

If you have any questions at all about the booking process, please let us know! We will do our best to answer all your questions and to remove any uncertainty before you proceed.

As well as booking with us, your should book your flight to India. Be sure to take out international health insurance as well, and send us a copy.

You can usually take your time with Indian visas! The process won't take longer than two weeks by post, if that. If you are in the vicinity of a consulate or embassy, you can take care of the formalities in person in one day (or you can in Munich anyway).  The visa is valid from the date of issue, so the later you get it, the longer you can stay in Ladakh!

Because we are always looking for ways to improve our service, we would appreciate it if you would write to us on your return from Ladakh, to let us what you know what you liked and (gulp) what you didn't.  We may even be so bold as to ask you to fill out our post-return questionnaire, which we will send to your email address.