Taj Mahal, Agra

Many people think of the Taj Mahal instantly, whenever they hear the word "India". And no wonder - it is a wonder! So no wonder, that many of our clients combine their trip to Ladakh with a Taj Mahal visit.

You can reach Agra from Delhi almost comfortbly by train or car, but you should reach Agra as early as possible. This means by train: Start in Delhi around 6:00 a.m., arrival in Agra about 08:00 a.m. - you don"t need to wait too long at the entrance. If you prefer a car you should start around 04:00 in the morning to make sure that you arrive about 08:00 at the entrance.

Another option is to travel to Agra the day before your visit, so you don't need to wake up too early and enjoy the Taj in sunrise.

You can stay at the Taj Mahal area the whole day, and maybe we should even recommend it. But you can also visit some other places like the Agra Red Fort, or the Baby Taj. It's all close by - and less crowded, so you might consider these options, too.

Anyways, we bring you to Agra the way you want and guide you safely through a somehow nasty tourist area. If you don't travel with us, bear in mind, that common restaurants and shops are by far overprized (to be very honest). So please bring emergency drinks and food from Delhi!

Please contact us for further information - we're looking forward to guide you to one of the most impressive buildings worldwide.